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Bodies, Gender & Sexuality

I have a personal and professional passion for supporting all people experiencing questions, difficulties, and distress associated with their bodies, gender and sexuality. This includes people living with illness and disability, intersex people and people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Non-binary, Transgender, Queer and Asexual or any other sexuality or gender. 


Besides helping individuals I am actively involved in supporting the human rights of all people and refuting any justification for discrimination based on people's bodies, abilities, gender or sexuality. 


I value and respect all abilities, ages, beliefs, cultures, genders, identities, relationships and sexualities and I am committed to providing everyone with a relaxed, supportive and affirming therapy environment.


Common presentations include: 

  • Relationships with our bodies including body dysmorphia, disordered eating and excessive exercise,

  • Intersex bodies and experiences of stigma, discrimination and harm due to sex characteristics, 

  • Living with disability,

  • Managing changes due to illness or disability,

  • Aging and chronic health, 

  • Identity,

  • Sexuality,

  • Gender and gender transition experiences,

  • Homophobia, stigma, gender and sexual minority stress, 

  • Coming out experiences, fear of rejection and social isolation,

  • Safe and healthy relationships, parenting and family experiences, 

  • Queer joy, pride and celebration,

  • Sexual intimacy, sexual health and living with HIV,

  • Invisibility and intersectionality.

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