Coaching is a supportive and 

encouraging relationship between coach and client designed to help you identify and achieve personal and professional goals. As your coach, I will help you explore what is important to you, notice what is working and build on it, notice what is not working and help you explore and discover what works. I will also help you be the person you want to be and help you work towards the things that are important to you.

What is important?

I will help you explore what is important to you and how you can live and work in ways that are congruent with your values. We will develop a way of working together centred around the things that matter to you and that focuses on developing skills to help you better notice what works, and doesn't work, as you move towards your goals. 

What is influential?

I will help you develop your skills to notice the things that influence what you do including your thoughts, memories, feelings, emotions, experiences, and relationships. Being able to hone your ability to notice those influences will provide you with opportunities to pause, choose, adjust and try new things.    

What can we do?

The goal of coaching is learning how to be more responsive to everything you encounter as you do the things that are important to you. As you become a better noticer of your behaviour and every context you are in you will develop improved ability to adapt and respond in ways that align with the person you want to be. Coaching doesn't provide a script for success but instead pays attention to the processes of living and working together as human beings.

I specialise in working with LGBTIQA+ people and supporting LGBTIQA+ communities and organisations.

Proud & Thriving

Supporting individuals, couples, groups and organisations thrive