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Medical Professionals Wellbeing

I provide specialist support to medical professionals, their partners, families and colleagues including doctors, specialists, nurses, allied and administrative staff working in all health settings and medical students.


I developed my understanding, appreciation and passion for supporting medical professionals in the context of living with family members who are medical professionals, providing psychological support to medical students at UWA and the University of Notre Dame for 10 years and in my work supporting GPs working in rural regions. 

I understand that medical professionals often find it difficult to acknowledge their own mental health needs and that asking for initial help is one of the most significant barriers to accessing treatment. I work hard to provide medical professionals with evidence-based, pragmatic and solution-based interventions that they can implement quickly and see helpful results.

Common presentations by medical professionals include:

  • Workplace stress, anxiety and trauma,

  • Mood management and depression,

  • Wellbeing and healthy work-life balance,

  • Performance and career development,

  • Leadership and team culture,

  • Interpersonal relationships,

  • Conflict and bullying, 

  • Impact of shift work,

  • Healthy work-life balance,

  • Career progression,

  • Study and exam stress and anxiety.

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