Training focus

We specialise in using a unique scientific approach to support your business, group or organisation's mental health, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion needs.


How is our training unique? 

We use a "prosocial" approach that is a specific way of interacting with and relating to each other as individuals and groups with each other's wellbeing in mind. We help you design your work policies and processes with wellbeing at the centre of planning, goal setting, development, monitoring and evaluation and education phases. We help you notice that a focus on wellbeing transforms the way we see, understand and interact with each other and our environments.

Prosocial ARC

Prosocial training focuses on using three relational processes to help improve our ability to develop and act on our collective consciousness with purpose. The ARC processes are:


  • Awareness of our internal thoughts 

  • The quality of our Relationships

  • The Cultural agreements we create

A prosocial approach pays attention to the important process of evolution (noticing that everything and everyone is constantly evolving) and facilitates learning and development experiences using cognition, cooperation, and culture to help groups work together more effectively and enhances the wellbeing of others.

Prosocial World

Prosocial World (PW) is a non-profit organisation that seeks to evolve a more prosocial world. See more information here: